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These results demonstrated that the methyl at 5-position of 3-nitrosoindolizine derivatives is very critical and important for the ring-opening and rearrangement reaction.
Chapters address lab-scale and larger-scale synthesis of azide compounds; azides by olefin hydroazidation reactions; the chemistry of vinyl, allenyl, and ethynyl azides; small rings by azide chemistry; Schmidt rearrangement reactions with alkyl azides; radical chemistry with azides; cycloaddition reactions with azides; dipolar cycloaddition reactions in peptide chemistry; the azide/nitrene interface and the photochemistry of azides; organoazides and transition metals; azide-containing high energy materials; azide chemistry in rotaxane and catenane synthesis, aza-Wittig reaction in natural product synthesis; and azides in carbohydrate chemistry.
Some of the reported catalysts suffer from disadvantages such as high acidity, the non-catalytic nature of the reagents, high temperatures, long reaction times or side isomer- ization, epimerization and rearrangement reactions [12-14].