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noun breach of orders, contumacy, disobedience, indiscipline, insubordination, insurgency, insurrection, lack of discipline, lese majesty, motus, mutiny, opposition, outbreak, overthrow, overturn, resistance, resistance movement, revolt, riot, rising, seditio, sedition, strike, subversion, upheaval, uprising, upset, violation
See also: anarchy, commotion, defiance, disloyalty, disturbance, infidelity, insurrection, mutiny, outbreak, outburst, resistance, revolt, revolution, riot, sedition, subversion, treason

REBELLION, crim. law. The taking up arms traitorously against the government and in another, and perhaps a more correct sense, rebellion signifies the forcible opposition and resistance to the laws and process lawfully issued.
     2. If the rebellion amount to treason, it is punished by the laws of the United States with death. If it be a mere resistance of process, it is generally punished by fine and imprisonment. See Dalloz, Dict. h.t.; Code Penal, 209.

REBELLION, COMMISSION OF. A commission of rebellion is the name of a writ issuing out of chancery to compel the defendant to appear. Vide Commission of Rebellion.

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Various Turag and Arab rebel movements had already signed the
Congo: Rival factions of Democratic Republic of Congo's M23 rebel movement on Saturday clashed again in the country's volatile east after a week of calm, one of the sides said.
The martyr, General Younis, was betrayed by some people before he made it to Benghazi," he said, adding that Libyan State TV had broadcast two days before the assassination that a "surprise" was in store for the rebel movement.
The slaying and Sunday's clashes point to sharp divisions within the rebel movement nearly six months after the start of the uprising against Moammar Gadhafi's rule.
Gen Abdul Fattah Younes al-'Ubaidi, the chief of staff of the TNC armed forces, is another among the most senior military men in the rebel movement.
A spokesman for the rebel movement cited the Sudanese government's expulsion of 13 foreign relief organisations from Darfur last month, and the death sentences against its members, as reasons why peace talks could not continue.
The trouble began in 2003 when a rebel movement began demanding greater political and economic rights for black Darfurians from the Arab-dominated Sudanese government.
Jan Egeland, under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief, said he asked the Security Council, rhetorically, where else in the world 80% of the fighters in a rebel movement were children and 90% of the population had been displaced from their homes.
But "the talks have collapsed already," Ahmed Tugod Lissan of the Justice and Equity rebel movement insisted, saying his movement would not sign an accord on humanitarian access that would have been the talk's one clear success.
Three years ago, another mass demonstration brought about the final disintegration of the rebel movement.
LIBERIA'S main rebel movement has agreed to withdraw from capital Monrovia and its vital port,allowing food to flow to the starving city left in ruins after two months of sieges.
The ceasefire was signed in the East African country's capital Luanda by army chiefs and the head of the Unita rebel movement.