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noun breach of orders, contumacy, disobedience, indiscipline, insubordination, insurgency, insurrection, lack of discipline, lese majesty, motus, mutiny, opposition, outbreak, overthrow, overturn, resistance, resistance movement, revolt, riot, rising, seditio, sedition, strike, subversion, upheaval, uprising, upset, violation
See also: anarchy, commotion, defiance, disloyalty, disturbance, infidelity, insurrection, mutiny, outbreak, outburst, resistance, revolt, revolution, riot, sedition, subversion, treason

REBELLION, crim. law. The taking up arms traitorously against the government and in another, and perhaps a more correct sense, rebellion signifies the forcible opposition and resistance to the laws and process lawfully issued.
     2. If the rebellion amount to treason, it is punished by the laws of the United States with death. If it be a mere resistance of process, it is generally punished by fine and imprisonment. See Dalloz, Dict. h.t.; Code Penal, 209.

REBELLION, COMMISSION OF. A commission of rebellion is the name of a writ issuing out of chancery to compel the defendant to appear. Vide Commission of Rebellion.

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The rebel movement said the US government is now wary about the progress of peace talks between the government and communist guerrillas because the success of the talks would mean the United States 'losing control' of the Philippines.
In an effort to reign in rogue armed groups operating in the name of the rebel movement, the NTC leader also announced he ordered all militias to disband and integrate under the TNC command structure.
Sudan's government and Darfur's two rebel movements said they would abide by an African Union proposal to break for at least three weeks before resuming their efforts to hammer out an agreement.
The clashes come only three days after South African Foreign Minister Nkosazana Zuma flew to Kisangani on a fact-finding mission to determine which of the two factions of the main rebel movement should initial a July 10 peace accord ending the rebellion, Congo's second in as many years.
After the meeting, Kabila lingered in talks with South African officials before taking off for Angola, which has been a major supporter of his rebel movement.
He indicated they are not keen to divide the SPLM-N, saying the unity of the rebel movement is a crucial requirement for achieving permanent peace.
Khartoum, 4 June (SUNA) - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday issued a statement commenting on the statement issued earlier by the Troika and EU group in the Sudan, referring to the criminal attacks committed by the Mini Arco Minawi rebel Movement in Darfur.
Maputo, Jumada I 6, 1435, Mar 7, 2014, SPA -- Mozambican Prime Minister Alberto Vaquina says attacks by the opposition party and former rebel movement Renamo have displaced more than 6,000 people in the central parts of the country.
It was sparked in February 2003 by a rebel movement demanding greater political and economic rights for black Darfurians.
Before the electricity failed, state radio had repeatedly broadcast President Kabila saying his government will arm the people and prevail against a rebel movement of ethnic Tutsi fighters, Rwandan soldiers and disenchanted members of the president's own military.
The general arrived in Goma at noon and met for about 50 minutes with Kabila, the leader of the rebel movement that has seized much of eastern Zaire over the last month.
June 24, 2017 (JUBA) - A South Sudanese lawmaker who resigned his parliamentary role last week in protest over insecurity has formed a new rebel movement, underscoring the new security challenges likely to be faced by the government as it addresses the problem.