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To defeat, dispute, or remove the effect of the other side's facts or arguments in a particular case or controversy.

When a defendant in a lawsuit proves that the plaintiff's allegations are not true, the defendant has thereby rebutted them.


verb answer, argue, argue against, conflict, contradict, contravene, controvert, countercharge, deny, disagree, disprove, dispute, explode, join issue, negate, negative, oppose, parry, prove false, rebuff, redarguere, refute, rejoin, repellere, reply, repudiate, respond, retaliate, retort, surrebut, surrejoin, take a stand against
Associated concepts: rebut a presumption, rebut an argument
See also: answer, contradict, contravene, controvert, countercharge, countervail, debate, disaccord, disaffirm, disallow, disown, disprove, dispute, gainsay, impugn, negate, oppose, refute, reply, respond, retaliate, retort, return


to contradict.

TO REBUT. To contradict; to do away as, every homicide is presumed to be murder, unless the contrary appears from evidence which proves the death; and this presumption it lies on the defendant to rebut by showing that it was justifiable or excusable. Allis. Prin. 48.

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In the initial draft, DOJ had proposed to create a rebuttable presumption that changes in a settling defendant's practices which reduce or eliminate the exposure to a listed chemical are presumed to confer a significant public benefit justifying an award of fees to a settling plaintiff.
203) It called into doubt the use of rebuttable presumptions, something many municipalities have included in their red light camera ordinances.
While more difficult, the rebuttable presumption will also make summary judgment more feasible for higher-priced QMs.
Creating rebuttable presumptions such as this bill does will increase costs for municipalities, and those costs will be passed on to taxpayers.
Preventing these inefficiencies and anticompetitive effects requires a simple solution: causation should be a rebuttable presumption and the two-year compensation amount merely a default award, adjustable to actual damage upon proof.
It nevertheless introduces a rebuttable presumption of legality for collective action: industrial action should be presumed not to constitute a breach of freedom of establishment or freedom to provide services; this provision places the burden on employers to prove the existence of a cross-border situation when cross-border elements are missing or hypothetical.
In a favorable recent development, the Second Circuit joined the Third, Fifth, Sixth and Ninth Circuits in adopting the "Moench presumption" of prudence in ERISA stock drop cases, which provides for a rebuttable presumption in favor of investment in employer securities for ESOPs.
Thus, the rebuttable presumption is that an employer can fire an employee for no reason at any time and without advance notice.
Recognizing the necessity to consider domestic violence in awarding child custody, South Dakota, like many states, has adopted a rebuttable presumption against awarding custody to abusive parents.
The effect of abolition would be that the offence of rape would no longer be singled out for special treatment: the rebuttable presumption of doli incapax would apply in respect of any criminal offence.
Failure to participate in E-Verify would create a rebuttable presumption that the employer has hired unauthorized aliens.