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"It's left me with feelings of insecurity over the years, so I've tried to hide my bald patches and receding hairline by wearing hats and hairpieces, and dyeing my naturally dark brown hair blonde.
Johnny Depp sports a receding hairline, Aviator shades and a rather nasty temperament playing Boston crime lord James 'Whitey' Bulger with psychotic relish.
They were both sporting the same suit and wire-rimmed glasses, and even wore the same mustache and receding hairline. They looked alikeidentical, actuallybecause they were.
A receding hairline is not linked to an increased risk, the analysis indicates.
The former England cricket skipper is now making a name for himself in broadcasting, but his receding hairline has caught the eye of specialists.
BALD men have a higher risk of developing heart disease than men with a full head of hair - but only those who are thinning on top rather than men with a receding hairline, a new study suggests.
I think of myself, and feel like I'm quite young, and then I look at this old man with the baggy chins and the tired eyes and the receding hairline and all that."
Of these, 7,537 had frontoparietal baldness (receding hairline at the temples), 3,938 had crown top baldness, 3,405 had earlobe crease, and 678 had fatty deposits around the eye.
In a large, long-term study, people who displayed three to four signs of aging, such as receding hairline at the temples, baldness at the crown of the head, earlobe creases or yellow fatty deposits around the eyelids had a 57 per cent increased risk of heart attack and a 39 per cent increased risk of developing heart disease, it was revealed.
The attacker is described as being aged about 21, 5ft 11ins tall, of a slim and athletic build, with short brown hair and a receding hairline. He was wearing a white T-shirt possibly with a motif on the chest area.
While a selection of our top exports in showbiz and sport have become synonymous with a receding hairline (step forward Anthony Hopkins and Neil Jenkins), others look distinctly bare without their crowning glory.
The follically-challenged footballer has been literally tearing his thatch out of late at his rapidly receding hairline.