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TO RECEIVE. Voluntarily to take from another what is offered.
     2. A landlord, for example, could not be said to receive the key from his tenant, when the latter left it at his house without his knowledge, unless by his acts afterwards, he should be presumed to have given his consent.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In CAR, Abra, Apayao, Kalinga and Benguet will each receive P500,000.
Fourth Place: The class will receive a $1,000 award, and a matching amount will be awarded to the school.
But I have always found lists of who is "worthy" to receive Communion a little sad.
Some retirees could receive payments from both departments, but officials hope to synchronize the process to limit confusion for retirees.
Significant univerate F tests and subsequent Bonferroni post-hoc analysis suggests that females receiving free or reduced lunch report significantly more frequent (a) motivational strategy use, (as the F value (3, 283) equaled 4.867, yielding a p value of less than .01); (b) cognitive strategy use, (as the F value (3, 283) equaled 6.223, yielding a p value of less than .001); and (c) achieve higher grade point averages, (as the F value (3, 283) equaled 9.944, yielding a p value of less than .001) than do male students who receive free or reduced lunch.
1237 allows the client who holds land for at least 10 years to receive long-term capital gain treatment where the client only does infrastructure improvements such as roads and utilities, for that land's subdivision, but the cost of these improvements cannot be added to the land's tax basis [IRC Sec.
As many as 18.7% of the student respondents claim that they send or receive more than 31 emails a day.
Even today, especially in my own personal experience, priests routinely and actively discourage kneeling among those members of the faithful who prefer to kneel during both the consecration and the reception of Holy Communion--though all members are, as they have always been, perfectly within their ecclesiastical rights to receive while kneeling.
Do you know someone who receives Social Security benefits and is not retired?
- Thursday 20: Messrs Barroso and McCreevy to receive France's Culture and Communications Minister Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres; Mr Barrot to receive Slovenia's Transport Minister Janez Bozic; Mrs Ferrero-Waldner to receive Heikki Talvitie, The EU's Spexcuial Representative for the South Caucuses; Mrs Ferrero-Waldner to receive Allan Wagner, CAN Secretary General (Comunidad Andina); Messrs McCreevy and Spidla to receive Messrs Jorn Neergaard Larsen and Hans Jensen, respectively Director General and President of the European Trade Union Confederation; Mrs Hubner in Warsaw; Mrs Wallstrom to attend a conference marking the tenth anniversary of Sweden's accession to the EU (Riksdagen, Stockholm); Mrs Fischer Boel to attend the "Green Week" agriculture fair in Berlin (20-22)
Most often, government worker contributions only receive attention from the media or political opponents during a race for office, Canary said.