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Country: United States of America
State: Texas

I was recently given an oral promotion. My supervisor called me in, offered me the job, I accepted, he congratulated me, shook my hand, and told me the announcement would be sent out within the next few days. This was a promotion to Management.
Days went by and no announcement. I went to talk with my supervisor and he said he had bad news. When he informed my HR dept. that I was being made a manager they told him to wait. There was concern on their part about my treatment of female co-workers. He told me he would have to hold off on the announcement until after the 2 week investigation.
Now, I have been with this company over 5 years. Every year I have had an x-rating, the highest possible, in my annual reviews my Manager and Director have stated I am ready for management. There has never been any mention of my dealings with female employs, until the promotion. I have never signed anything or seen anything that stated I was unfair. Still haven't. The person reporting this was a peer, but I was her escalation for technical issues. She was the lowest performer on the team and I think she gave some parting shots against me on her way out the door to justify her low ratings.
Do I have a leg to stand on? Again, I have been an X and a top performer for over 5 years. I was what the company wanted until it was time to promote me. I was given the job orally by my Director, even given a hand shake to congratulate me. Can they do what they are doing to me?
By the way, I work for one of the largest internet companies in the world, the largest. The HR dept. is very strong and they call all of the shots. How can I be given a job one day by my director, and have HR remove it the next day on claims that were never brought to my attention during my 5 years and 5 reviews that equaled Xs.
Also, this female has taken all of her Managers to HR, one was a woman. So she is known for crying wolf when she falls short of expectations.
I am concerned that my whole history has just been shattered by these claims. These claims may also stop any future promotions.


You could consult your nearest Department of Labor office to briefly discuss the issue with them may also want to ask the company to put what is happening in writing and explain to them that you may have attorneys review the situation...try speaking to a higher level of management about the issue; they may override the other managers.
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