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As a continuous predictor, only d-dimers concentrations (area under receiver operating characteristic curve=0.
Assessing test accuracy and its clinical consequences: a primer for receiver operating characteristic curve analysis.
The study compared the performance of the various tests with respect to sensitivity and specificity using the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis.
The area under the receiver operating characteristic curves for each of the three screening questions using REALM scores as the reference standard was 0.
Receiver operating characteristic curves and areas under the curves were similar for the simplified rules (0.
Also of interest to research and forensic-minded professionals are Technical Notes at the end of the book where information is provided to clarify topics such as variability, genetics and heredity of criminal behavior, receiver operating characteristics (ROC) and other technical information.
The discriminative ability of Light's criteria and adapted formulas, which are our new proposal, were studied by Receiver Operating Characteristics (ROCs) analysis and Area Under the Curves (AUCs).
Some that are missing are those dealing with the Receiver Operating Characteristics.

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