Receiving disturbing emails about wife from her family

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Country: India
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I received an e-mail around 10 days back. The sender did not identify himself and wrote that I must keep a close watch on my wife and watch her every move. I was disturbed by this mail and so I tried to trace the mail to its sender. I tried tracing through header information but failed. Then I used tracing service and sent two e-mails on the sender's e-mail address. I could find out that the sender had been accessing his/her mail account at "Merle station" and "Forest Hill" in Ontario, Canada. My wife has only one related family in Canada, which is her father's sister's family. Recently there had been some dispute between this family and my father-in-law's brother. I strongly suspect that this mail has been sent me someone belonging to this family. The mail sent to me is defamatory in nature and has caused me deep hurt. It was meant to create discord in my happy family life. I would like to know if - 1. I can for sure trace the sender of this e-mail. I have sent an e-mail to him/her to reveal his/her identity. I will try to engage him/her in e-mail communication in future, so that I am able trace his locations when my mail is opened and also try to extract as much information from him/her as possible. 2. Is there any authority in Canada which can help me get hold of this person? 3. Can my wife sue this person on grounds of defamation on the basis of limited information that we have - only one known family in Ontario, Canada; e-mail being sent from Canada, as per information; and the grudge which this family has against my wife's family.


You may file a police report if you feel the message is threatening--and it seems it indeed is. The police may track it for you.
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