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Olshausen and Field formulate the reconstruction of stimuli in receptive fields of simple cell using sparse coding [4, 7].
Rabins found the environmental condition of social isolation to be intriguing because he theorized that the lack of environmental stimulation could cause an alteration in the receptive field that could, in turn, predispose an individual to experience hallucinations in the event of a peripheral or central injury.
In order to analyze the perceiving mechanism, visual selective attention must be taken into consideration since a visual receptive field is comprised of different visual features that are added together and subsequently used for selection of objects.
It seems that for our case of AWJ technology is suitable to use method Receptive Field Weighted Regression (RFWR).
These illusory contrast effects can be taken as an example of the constructive (or adaptive) nature of perception, and they have inspired an enormous amount of research so that we now understand the dependence of the phenomena upon the concentric organization of excitatory regions and lateral inhibitory surrounds, making up neuron receptive fields in the retina (Cornsweet, 1970; Ratlift, 1965).
The most widely accepted theory about how visual images are processed in the brain is called the receptive field hypothesis.
With respect to physiology and cognitive psychology, they offer chapters on the physiology/psychology of vision, dynamical modeling of the retina, the functional organization of receptive field characteristics of the cells in V1 (the primary visual cortex), and psychophysical experiments for probing models of V1 processing and visual attention.