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Each receptor binds to more man one odor molecule, Willie each odor molecule binds to more than one receptor, "It's the overall pattern of the response of all the receptors that the brain interprets as a smell," says chemist Kenneth S.
However, the observed arsenic-induced androgen independence did not occur by any previously studied mechanism; it was not linked to overexpression of androgen receptors or receptor mutations that facilitate cell growth via nonandrogens.
The low number of receptors in obese people might be causing them to overeat," says Dr.
Researchers have found that people suffering from obesity, alcohol addiction, and drug addiction tend to have lower-than-average numbers of D2 (dopamine) receptors in their brains.
Unified nomenclature for Eph family receptors and their ligands, the ephrins.
Receptor binding properties of human and animal H1 influenza virus isolates.
While the CD4 receptor is required for infection by all naturally occurring HIV-1 strains, specific cell surface molecules called chemokine receptors also are necessary.
Estrogen receptors, the molecular locks into which estrogen keys fit, reside in the cell nucleus, acting like a telephone line between the caller, estrogen, and the receiver, the genes.
The initial clinical study of universal receptors as a disease therapy is a Phase I/II trial of the safety and potential antiviral activity of anti-HIV T cells in approximately 40 pairs of identical twins in which one twin is infected with HIV and one is not.
Epidermal growth factor receptors are proteins that play an important role in cancer cell signaling.
Scientists weren't sure whether this increase in D2 receptors was a cause of schizophrenic symptoms or a result of drugs used to treat the disorder, notes Eleanor Simpson, a neuroscientist at Columbia University.
Key words: cGMP, endocrine disruptors, environmental estrogens, estrogen receptors, glucagon, islets of Langerhans, nongenomic, second messengers.

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