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In the practice of courts, a brief interval during which all business is suspended without an adjournment.

A recess in legislative practice is an interval of time between sessions of the same continuous body, as opposed to the period between the final adjournment of one legislative body and the convening of another at the next regular session.

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n. a break in a trial or other court proceedings or a legislative session until a date and time certain. Recess is not to be confused with "adjournment" which winds up the proceedings.

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During periods called recesses, MPs and Members of the House of Lords can carry out their other duties.
The National Assembly is in recess until October 12.
Labour former minister Chris Bryant later said: "I'm delighted we're having an Easter recess. At the rate we were going, I thought we would get to Easter Sunday and the good Lord would rise again before this House ever did."
Any decision to cancel recess would be taken by the parliamentary bureau.
The Garissa Township MP said legislators would have been recalled for a special sitting next week if they were to proceed on recess as earlier planned.
Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Program uses open surfaces to create a safe playing environment to encourage activity and positive interactions.
In-charge of recess times have been asked to keep an eye on students to avoid such activities in future.
(2) The case presented shows long-term patency of the frontal recess.
The American Academy of Pediatrics has declared that "recess is a crucial and necessary component of a child's development and, as such, it should not be with-held for punitive or academic reasons." And yet schools aren't just shrinking the number of recess minutes per day in order to shoehorn in more class time and test prep: Many allow teachers to take away recess as a form of punishment.
Deputy Speaker Samuel Tanui, while seconding the motion, said while many MCAs were ready for the recess, they were worried that the time to take the loans and start servicing them was fast running out.
The side forming portion is provided with a recess portion which is recessed toward an outer side in a tire width direction from a profile of the side forming surface.