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The main attribute of skyline is instantaneous recognizability, and it could be achieved only by characteristic form of observed object.
Subsequently, with this new technology objects appear when two images are overlapped at a certain position to resolve the recognizability of characters.
Also, because we want to have both money and equity used in transactions, even when money is dominated in rate of return, we give shares a disadvantage in terms of recognizability.
The state, especially the criminal "justice" system, emerges as an ambivalent protector who arbitrarily saves and lets die, punishes and condones, depending on our recognizability as "victim" or "perpetrator" within dominant iconographies of innocence and evil.
By the authorial hand the author of the article means the recognizability of the social expression of a certain culture.
And just as can be shown to be the case there, what is also being explained or established here at the very start is not--or not only--the identity of the narrator but also the familiarity, recognizability, and privacy (or intimacy) of the name 'Pip'--after all, what is primarily being explained is not only what the narrator is called but how he came to be called that.
other properties for money as a medium of exchange are low storage and transportation costs, easy handling, durability, divisibility, resistance to tarnish, homogeneity and recognizability.
Although machine recognizability does not exceed human recognizability at this time, Wang is optimistic that it would be possible in the future.
The studies comprised background research to ascertain children's basic geographical awareness (such as their familiarity with globes and maps, knowing what country they are from, and the languages that they and others speak); parent focus groups to uncover their thoughts on the topic of global citizenship and its relevance to young children, the importance of the educational goals addressed in Panwapa, and their feedback on suggested hands-on activities that would help to bring the educational goals to life; testing storyboards for the video component; testing the recognizability and familiarity of icons used in the online component; and testing the usability of the games, interface, and navigation of the web site.
1966 TCCA redesigns packaging for better recognizability.
In this instance, the two paragraphs echo the way in which the two actresses were to mirror each other during the first months of 1783, a point supported by Daniel O'Quinn's recent observation that in the 1780s "much of theatrical practice turned on recognizability of character .
His recognizability as "Professor so-and-so" is another such particular.