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RECOMPENSATION, Scotch law. When a party sues for a debt, and the defendant pleads compensation, or set-off, the plaintiff may allege a compensation on his part, and this is called a recompensation. Bell's Dict. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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An energy law of 7 December 2006 re-established regulated tariffs for industrial consumption in France and a recompensation system for suppliers.
Reducing hypervolemia and blood pressure reduces left ventricular volume and wall stress and allows for left ventricular recompensation. Ozkahya et al.
Her classes came up with a variety of ideas about the kinds of recompensation that could be given to the family--including new land of equal or greater value and the right to control where their grandparents were buried.
Then the French government had a local problem with a group of people and the way they solved it was to give them a mine that belonged to ERAMET, so we intervened and said, "You can't do that, the shareholders own that mine and there has to be some kind of recompensation. You've got to buy it from us at the original price and then give it to them." These Europeans had never thought about that, so it was an interesting contest of American versus European values.
j) Tremendous increase and recompensation if spending of money is made in the way of God,
What has changed are the laws governing recompensation for the Board of Tea Experts.
Claimants for Emergency Unemployment Compensation were required to meet their State's eligibility criteria, in addition to Federal requirements recompensation while it operated.
For example, sectors (establishments in the form of training programmes) provide training directly to workers normally without any recompensation. As another example, the only relevant 'intermediate deliveries' (from the human resources point of view) between the educational/vocational training sector and the other sectors are apprenticeship training programmes, which, again, normally do not entail any financial flow between sectors.
appears rather heterogeneous since the authors included not only outpatients but also inpatients after best possible cardiac recompensation. Moreover, variables allowing the assessment of left ventricular remodeling were not presented in this study.
Distinct miRNA patterns can differentiate between entities of heart failure (75), and the dynamic in miRNA gene expression indicates therapeutic success in cardiac recompensation (78).
Third, we do not have subsequent MPO concentrations in our patients following recompensation. The serial changes of MPO over time in patients with stable chronic heart failure as well as in acute decompensation of heart failure should be assessed in future studies to learn more about the intraindividual variability of MPO in HF patients.
The members' recompensations would be decided based on these evaluations.