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Perry Barr is heading for a busy old time with the Ladbroke 1000 Guineas soon followed by the Birmingham Cup and a few are clearly on reconnaisance missions.
Included were 73 Huey helicopters, four reconnaisance planes, 500 armored personnel transporters, night vision and commend control and communications equipment and many kinds of individual and crew-served weapons.
These are not unexplained to the conspiracy wackos who say the flights are reconnaisance missions prior to a United Nations invasion led by Hong Kong police and Russian soldiers.
But what neither guessed, and what reconnaisance photos had failed to reveal, was that the Soviets had not only smuggled strategic nuclear missiles into Cuba, but that Castro planned to use them in the event of an invasion by the United States--a fact that was revealed only last month by Castro himself.
These stands were grouped into 20 potential cover types based on color signatures on the aerial photographs and cursory ground reconnaisance.
The group presented the well-known Hot/Milan/Roland missile family, and the Polyphem 20, a long-range (20 km) system for anti-tank, anti-helicopter and reconnaisance duties.
CFlabs, I-SEC Peru and Omnitru join UK's Digital Pathways and US-based Digital Reconnaisance, consolidating Kinamik's presence in the UK, Western Europe, China, Latin America and the United States.
purchase of various services related to f-16 tactical reconnaisance system (trs) software platform.
FILE - Soldiers in a miltary unit calling themselves variously the Border Intelligence Division, Second Reconnaisance Brigade, or the Quick and the Horrible, also believed to form part of the Janjaweed militia, walk around the weekly animal market in Mistiria in North Darfur, Sudan (AP)
BATTING for competitive bidding, parliamentary standing committee on coal and steel has said the auction route should be used even for High Technology Reconnaisance cum Exploration License ( HTREL).