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Dela Vega said a soldier was killed during the BIFF attack on the position of the 64th Reconnaisance Company.
It must have been an unusual sight for the US president to watch Boeing's P- 8I Long Range Maritime Reconnaisance aircraft flanked two Russian MiG- 29 Ks.
NNA - An Israeli reconnaisance plane violated the Lebanese airspace on Thursday at 7:30 a.
22, 2014) (stating that the majority of UAVs "are used for surveillance, reconnaisance and target destination").
Most of these are of two broad types: a light tank armed with 40mm cannon in a turret, which will be used for reconnaisance and artillery observation; and a turretless troop carrier able to carry four soldiers in addition to its two-man crew.
RAF Tornado GR4s have already carried out reconnaisance
And they attacked the people sheltering in a cinema, they ate the bodies sprawled on the stairways of a tube station; then many of them died as the members of the reconnaisance team sent out from the nuclear bunker could see for themselves:
Soldiers in a miltary unit calling themselves variously the Border Intelligence Division, Second Reconnaisance Brigade or the Quick and the Horrible, also believed to form part of the Janjaweed militia, walk through a weekly animal market in Mistiria in North Darfur, Sudan (AP)
She will be attached to the Brigade Reconnaisance Force on the tour which is her first after three years service.
They had already made various reconnaisance trips to scout Mr Johnson's home as they planned the raid.
2001): Apports de l'experimentation et de l'analyse techno-morfo-fonctionelle a la reconnaisance de processus d'amenagement de la retouche Quina.
More than 1,000 others have been wounded in these attacks, in which Tel Aviv has employed fighter jets and reconnaisance aircraft, equipped with high-precision air-to-surface missiles.