Register of Deeds

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Register of Deeds

The designation, in certain jurisdictions, of the public officers who record documents that establish ownership of property, mortgages, and other instruments that relate to real property in official record books provided and maintained for such purpose.

Registers of deeds are also known as recorders of deeds.


Recording of Land Titles.

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In his later years, at different times, he was secretary of the Santo Domingo Commission, marshall and recorder of deeds of the District of Columbia, and United States Minister to Haiti.
The Recorder Of Deeds Office Has Scanned Subdivision Plats From 1982 - Present.
In Chicago, it would be the Recorder of Deeds, but it varies by location.
Debbie Dunnegan, the Republican Recorder of Deeds for Jefferson County, Missouri, posed the question in a Facebook post last week, Huffington Post reported.
In cases where land records cannot be located, someone from Acadia may be dispatched to a county seat to get the document from a recorder of deeds, an all-day trip.
The Howell County Recorder of Deeds has been ordered by Chief Judge Greg Kays, United States District Court, to meet Glass at his home and issue a license.
Several Yemeni men claim that the mythologies of the ancient Himyaritics and Sabaeans justify their inheritance of Mars; in 1996, a German man argued that the Prussian emperor Frederick the Great presented the moon as a gift to one of his ancestors in 1756; and in 1949, a man named James Mangum attempted to register a deed for all of outer space with the Recorder of Deeds and Titles of Cook County, Illinois.
Accordingly, the Notice of Federal Tax Lien is filed with the Recorder of Deeds for the District of Columbia (IRM, [section]5.
In Texaco, the court considered an Indiana statute that automatically divested a severed mineral interest from its owner where the owner had failed to use it or at least file a statement of claim with the local recorder of deeds for 20 years.
and he served from 1877 to 1881 until he took over as recorder of deeds for D.
According to the City Recorder of Deeds Office, the number of first-quarter condo sales throughout the city remained about even with last year's first-quarter sales, at around 500 units.