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Written accounts of acts, transactions, or instruments that are drawn up pursuant to legal authority by an appropriate officer and appointed to be retained as memorials or permanent evidence of matters to which they are related.

A public record is a document that has been filed with, or furnished by, a governmental agency and is available to the public for inspection. For example, title of record to property is an ownership interest that has been duly filed in the office of public land records.

The term record also applies to the formal, written account of a case, which contains the history of actions taken, papers filed, rulings made, and all written opinions.


n. in business, particularly corporations, all the written business documents, especially about financial dealings. Thus, shareholders and partners are entitled to access to the "records" of the business.

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law enforcement agencies face the decision of whether or not to electronically record interrogations.
And who knows how long ago players began using performance-enhancing drugs--perhaps older records are tainted as well.
All taxpayers are required to keep books and records that sufficiently establish gross income, deductions, credits or other matters required to be shown in tax returns; see Regs.
This is so important that some regulations specifically call for the use of WORM storage technology as one means of establishing a clear audit trail to ensure that records have not been altered.
The National Personnel Records Center in Overland, Missouri, recently unsealed the first batch of what is expected to be "a mother lode" collection of interest to military historians, biographers, and genealogists.
The purpose of this act is to define the rights of parents and students who are 18 years or older regarding the inspection, disclosure of contents, and making revisions of educational records.
Based in the iVia system, it expands beyond iVia considerably by creating an array of independent, though federated, collection-building systems for collaborating projects with the goal of generating the basic "ore" (links to important Internet resources and associated metadata records and rich full text) for these projects.
Asea change in attitude towards records management has taken place since the tidal wave of accounting scandals and corporate corruption that followed the stock market peak in 2000.
Many legendary pianists, and even composers, are well documented in disc gramophone records.
Since health care records are owned and organized by institutions, hospitals and medical groups, most Americans have many medical records.

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