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To recover a loss by a subsequent gain. In Pleading, to set forth a claim against the plaintiff when an action is brought against one as a defendant. Keeping back of something that is due, because there is an equitable reason to withhold it. A right of the defendant to have a deduction from the amount of the plaintiff's damages, for the reason that the plaintiff has not complied with the cross-obligations or independent covenants arising under the same contract.


n. the right of a defendant in a lawsuit to demand deduction from the amount awarded to plaintiff (party bringing the suit) a sum due the defendant from the plaintiff in the transaction which was the subject of the lawsuit. Example: Laura Landlord sues Tillie Tenant for nonpayment of rent, Tenant is entitled to deduct a deposit made at the commencement of the lease, or an amount Landlord received from re-renting the apartment before the lease expired. A recoupment is not the same as an "offset" (setoff) which can be money owed from any matter, including outside the lawsuit.

See: award, compensation, expiation, indemnity, recompense, recovery, refund, reimbursement, replevin, restitution, salvage, satisfaction, setoff, trover
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Key elements of the 2016 policy, Compensation Recoupment & Forfeiture Disclosure Policy ("Policy"), that would apply to compensation recovered under the Bank's Detrimental Conduct Policy or its Incentive Recoupment Policy include:
Complying with a recoupment will reduce hassle and more quickly resolve an audit.
This Comment argues that disconnecting recoupment from causation leads to overdeterrence and perpetuates the dangerous phenomenon of "too big to fail.
6 require, "Recovery of nonrecurring cost recoupment charges shall cease upon the recovery of total DoD costs.
Most participants must wait about 3 years for PBGC to complete the benefit determination process and provide their finalized benefit amounts, but the vast majority are not affected by overpayments or the recoupment process.
The doctrine of equitable recoupment allows a litigant, under certain circumstances, to avoid the bar of a statutory limitations period.
The equitable recoupment doctrine is a judicially created doctrine that in certain circumstances allows a litigant to avoid the bar of an expired statutory limitation period (Bull, 295 US 247 (1935)).
Yet some discussions of recoupment prioritize conduct analysis.
Tina draws closer to the ambassador, who pays for her recoupment from Levine's assault.
For cities and towns, issues like extension of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authority, tobacco settlement recoupment and continued funding to conduct the 2000 Census were included in the bill.
But given the disinflation of recent years and a stable monetary policy recognized by bond market participants, the inflation portion of the overall bond yield risk premium looks minimal and near-full recoupment could prove elusive.