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Strongly based on Holmes' (1990) research on repression, the FM position argued against the existence of repression, dissociation, and recovered memory.
Although I find it likely that some reports of incest and/or recovered memory are untrue, or untrue in large part, the breadth and vehemence of their denial are indicative not only of an antifeminist backlash at work but also of an unproductive rejection of any possible relationship between fantasy and historical truth.
Given the existence of false memory phenomena, it is difficult to ascertain whether any specific uncorroborated recovered memory is true or false, or partly true and partly false.
More importantly, he was the first officer from Merseyside Police to interview Diane after her recovered memory was exposed.
While it was here, though, the recovered memory issue spent plenty of time on the front page and on the minds of psychiatrists and their patients everywhere.
Affirming, the appellate court acknowledged that in light of the substantial body of evidence showing that many recovered memory claims are false, there is a temptation to allow parents damaged by the "damning horror" of these claims to sue for professional negligence.
Have a Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box'' (Rhino, seven CDs; $100) Talk about recovered memory.
Katrina fears she was a victim of recovered memory therapy, a discredited technique which plants false memories into the minds of patients using hypnosis, dream interpretation or regression.
In Hystories: Hysterical Epidemics and Modern Media, Princeton University English Professor Elaine Showalter argues that phenomena such as Gulf War Syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple personality syndrome, and belief in recovered memory, ritual satanic abuse, and alien abduction share something besides a complete lack of credible evidence.
The book argues that victims of the trendy epidemics of the '90s - alien abduction, chronic fatigue syndrome, satanic ritual abuse, recovered memory, multiple-personality syndrome, and Gulf War syndrome - are, in fact, nutballs, whose excruciating ailments exist only in their heads.
Abductees Anonymous is an organization which serves as a support group for persons who believe that extraterrestrials have kidnapped and sexually molested them--one of the largest subgroups in the recovered memory community, trailing behind only the incest survivors and the Satanic abuse survivors.