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RECOVERER. The demandant in a common recovery, after judgment has been given in his favor, assumes the name of recoverer.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Among the 19 survivors (63%) 5 patients (17%) were renal recoverers who achieved normal renal function (NRF) whereas 14 patients (46%) were non-recoverers with irreversible deterioration of renal function that progressed to either IRF or ESRD (Table-II).
The pipelines will run from the Kambesah Well Recoverer Structure to the Kutz TA platform and the Ixtoc-A platform.
Moreover, de Man refers to Ricoeur's statement on Freud showing him as "the rhetorical undoer and the hermeneutic recoverer of the self (de Man, "Self (Pygmalion)," p.
He's a good recoverer."Of the Wallaby forward effort at the breakdown he said: "They did create enough success around the collisions to get on to the front foot and to create those opportunities."And there is no short-cut, you can't get by without that."
He was "elevated from 'Recoverer of Lost Objects' to 'Recoverer of Portuguese Sovereignty'" (109) and became the Catholic Brazilians' "'saint of restoration'" (110).