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RECOVERER. The demandant in a common recovery, after judgment has been given in his favor, assumes the name of recoverer.

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Among the 19 survivors (63%) 5 patients (17%) were renal recoverers who achieved normal renal function (NRF) whereas 14 patients (46%) were non-recoverers with irreversible deterioration of renal function that progressed to either IRF or ESRD (Table-II).
The pipelines will run from the Kambesah Well Recoverer Structure to the Kutz TA platform and the Ixtoc-A platform.
Moreover, de Man refers to Ricoeur's statement on Freud showing him as "the rhetorical undoer and the hermeneutic recoverer of the self (de Man, "Self (Pygmalion)," p.
He's a good recoverer."Of the Wallaby forward effort at the breakdown he said: "They did create enough success around the collisions to get on to the front foot and to create those opportunities."And there is no short-cut, you can't get by without that."
Writers of authentic accounts of countries, though beneath the attention of elegant genius, and not rising to the higher claims of taste and virtue, may notwithstanding be more serviceable to the public than the purchaser of a decayed Titian, the recoverer of a rusty coin, the copier of a defaced inscription, or the designer of an old ruin.
He was "elevated from 'Recoverer of Lost Objects' to 'Recoverer of Portuguese Sovereignty'" (109) and became the Catholic Brazilians' "'saint of restoration'" (110).