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He said he had put him in the recovery position, how can you die when you're in the recovery position?
They put her in the recovery position and left her in the bed," said Mr Thomas.
Place them in the recovery position so they won't choke if they vomit.
The Minister was chairing a high level meeting to review financial matters related to the power sector, including recovery position of electricity bills from different categories of consumers.
A HILLSBOROUGH victim may still have been breathing when he was placed in the recovery position on the pitch, the inquests heard.
They are looking for any stories of how first aid has helped, from the recovery position to stopping severe bleeding.
I fainted and came round to find that I had been placed in the recovery position, an ambulance had been called and my personal items were secure.
Gerard McKenna put pal Stephen Chard into the recovery position after he collapsed.
The charity, which trains thousands of people in life-saving skills every year, wants to hear how first aid, from stemming a severe bleed to putting someone in the recovery position, has made a difference to the people of the region.
Jamie - who has first-aid training and is a lifeguard for his school's sports club - blew air into her mouth for five minutes until she came to, then put her in the recovery position until an ambulance arrived.
The girl was put to in the recovery position at the family home in Pwll, Llanelli, South Wales, in May 2007, to "sleep off" the drug and was later found dead.