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He rang 999 and told them our address and even fetched cushions to try and put me in the recovery position.
26pm showed Peter lying on his side unattended, in what medical expert Professor Jerry Nolan said looked like the recovery position.
There was an old lady on the floor in the recovery position being helped by another woman.
He said I have killed him, I did not mean to murder him, I put him in the recovery position.
But I knew about the recovery position and I just knew we had to get him to the hospital.
Phil gave him the kiss of life and placed him in the recovery position.
A spokesman for the restaurant, which will seat 500 clients, said they were impressed by Kai's actions when he dialled 999 and put his mother in the recovery position until medics arrived at their Northfield home.
I put her in the recovery position and got some waterproofs and covered her up with them before calling the emergency services.
Gerard McKenna put pal Stephen Chard into the recovery position after he collapsed.
Bell, brother of Classic-winning trainer Michael, said: "I was put in the recovery position and then wheeled under the bowels of the track to a place that I never knew existed.
The recovery position ensures that an unconscious person maintains an open airway, that the tongue cannot be swallowed, and that any vomit or fluid will not cause choking.
The experienced drug users put her in the recovery position in bed and went to watch Emmerdale rather than call an ambulance, Swansea Crown Court has heard.