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There are no floodlights proposed, the skatepark would be used in the same way as the recreation ground is currently used.
Huw Thomas, cabinet member for sport, leisure and culture, said: "This historic recreation ground has for many years been the focal point of the community.
I have also noticed an increase in the number of incidents of rowdiness, usually involving groups of young men and alcohol, on the Recreation Ground.
Highburton Recreation Ground is a small area of land in close proximity to housing with limited parking.
The recreation ground is yards from Oaklands Park, where 15-yearold Hassan Mahmood was murdered in July last year.
from In this Diamond Jubilee year, Cardiff council has confirmed that Rumney Recreation Ground will be given the designated status of a Queen Elizabeth II Playing Field.
Our plans to turn a small section of the Eston Recreation Ground into a BMX Track is currently in the planning stages and it is hoped a final decision will be made at the beginning of August.
Locks on barriers leading onto the recreation ground are said to have been damaged.
Other recycling points include Blakelaw Park, Broadway West, Coxlodge Field, Dinnington Recreation Ground, Gala Field, Nun's Moor Park, Swan Hunter's Recreation Ground, Throckley Park and Walker Park.
The gang repeatedly hit the two victims, forcing them out of their car before stealing the vehicle from the recreation ground in Biddulph, north Staffordshire.
Residents say Cowcliffe Recreation Ground has fallen into disrepair with decaying swings and rides as well as overgrown weeds and overflowing bins.

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