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Hosting this competition in Panorama City's own Valley Ice Center is an example of how great our community is becoming in promoting special events and how important recreational sports such as figure skating and hockey are to the community and to our youth," said Los Angeles City Councilman Richard Alarcon.
As my son outgrew that league, we searched for recreational sports for special kids.
Recreational sports can help people rehab following a spinal-cord injury (SCI), and ultimately help them to become happier, according to researchers at the Kennedy Krieger Institute.
Hypothesis 1: Recreational sport involvement will have a positive effect on work stress.
Numerous benefits have been found to be associated with recreational sports involvement including: stress reduction [20, 17], self-esteem [9], enhance GPA [4,7], student development [13,19,21], and ease of social integration [7,8], however recreational sports professionals must begin to relate programs to specific benefits, as well as to the administrative and physical education philosophies in which they have been steeped for so long.
It may be no surprise that football ranks as the third-most dangerous recreational sport in the country, considering the sport's massive focus on concussion injuries in recent years.
In this study we proceeded from the premise that recreational sport is a form of beneficial use of free time which brings benefits in all areas of personality development.
The department is planning to promote the recreational sport of tandem paragliding in Ghana, as hang and paragliding has become one of the latest additions to Ghana's recreational sport tourism attractions.
2012), that participation in recreational sport should be expected to elicit both cardiovascular and metabolic adaptations associated with high relative intensities of exercise (Tjonna et al.
However, doping has now spread to recreational sport as well.

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