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RECTO. Right. (q.v.) Brevederecto, writ of right. (q.v.)

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The BoC memorandum, which pegs a maximum value of $500 per balikbayan box, is 25 years old and had been overtaken by foreign exchange upheavals and inflationary pressures," Recto said.
El acido butirico es un inhibidor de la proliferacion y un potente inductor de la diferenciacion in vitro para una gran variedad de celulas neoplasicas, incluyendo celulas de leucemia, linfoma, mama, colon, recto, higado, cervix, ovario y tejido nervioso (3).
For more information about Recto Verso's talks and workshops please call 03-271-500 or visit www.
There are three instances of xchicatzibajas escribir in the first folio recto and Ximenez appears to have given each a corresponding Arabic numeral in the left-hand margin.
The discussion of the Job plates is by far the most thorough, and as noted "above, it is at least sparsely illustrated, including useful images of the front and back of the plate for Job 7 printed on the recto and verso of a single leaf in the book.
The Haas description of the two sides of the leaf (both of which are reproduced in rather poor facsimiles), however, is incorrect: the authors of the catalog seem to believe that the recto (reproduced on page 77) is the verso and that the verso (reproduced on page 79) is the recto.
But because the language of poetry depends so crucially on the words that surround it, and because appearances (of white space and printed space, of recto and verso, of letter juxtapositions) matter, the experience of a text is as dependent on "fields of perception as .
Now, Recto is one of the leaders of the effort to implement the guidelines.
Recto recommends that you place no more than 10% of your overall assets in a Pacific Asian fund.
Here, its exclusions of material and the Arabic numeral date '1368' below the text at the foot of the first recto, are taken (by Julia Bohon Holloway, but not Sister Anna Maria Reynolds) as evidence that its exemplar was either a version of Julian's text deriving from before her 1373 visions, or an attempt to reconstruct it (p.
Comelec proclaimed Noli de Castro, Juan Flavier, Serge Osmena, Franklin Drilon, Ramon Magsaysay, Joker Arroyo, Manuel Villar, Francis Pangilinan, Edgardo Angara, Panfilo Lacson, Luisa Ejercito Estrada, Ralph Recto and Gregorio Honasan as senators-elect.
She is now married to Rep Ralph Recto, who ran in the last election as Mr Vilma Santos to benefit from his w ife's popularity.