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RECTO. Right. (q.v.) Brevederecto, writ of right. (q.v.)

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I said, 'Let's just stay fabulous,' to make the environment much lighter,' Recto recalled.
My proposal is for the government to sell all coco-levy assets, under a process that is transparent and advantageous to the farmers,' Recto said, suggesting that 'liquidating the assets will enlarge the trust fund.
Recto said energy exploration in the WPS must be under "a constitutionally-compliant win-win arrangement.
Recto made the appeal Monday as distressed Filipino workers in Kuwait began returning over the weekend, following President Duterte's appeal amid the deaths of Pinay OFWs in the Gulf state.
He will also see first-hand the things which need to be done," Recto said in a statement issued on Thursday
El doctor Robert Cima, especialista en cirugia de colon y recto de la Clinica Mayo de Rochester, Minnesota, menciona que el cancer rectal empieza con un crecimiento pequeno de celulas no cancerosas llamado polipo.
Recto learned so much about energy efficiency and other affordable ways to enhance profitability and competitiveness that it launched a subsidiary to market those solutions to other molders in need.
Una vez colocado el animal en decubito lateral izquierdo, se procedio a la exploracion del recto, colon descendente, colon transverso y colon ascendente hasta la visualizacion de las valvulas ileo-cecal y ceco-colica.
For the butcher shops under the palace, see Giudiziario Registro 1, 557 recto, a complaint by the custodem macelli comunis, dated 1288; see also Riccetti, La citta costruita, p.
Of the 736 cases disposed by state prosecutors that year, only 39 ended in conviction, while 211 were dismissed, 438 archived, 23 resulted in acquittals and 25 resolved through mediation, Recto said, citing a Department of Justice report to the Senate.
Not only that, Recto added, these business plates are required to be replaced yearly.
Recto pressed the national government yesterday to submit data to support the ''awesome'' fiscal powers of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).