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RECTO. Right. (q.v.) Brevederecto, writ of right. (q.v.)

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on a large 2/3 folio leaf (34 x 15.4 cm; 1/3 of the leaf is cut off) written on recto and verso with intense corrections." The catalog description of the single leaf is inaccurate in many respects, but fortunately the dealer provided reproductions of both the recto and the verso of the leaf (although, as we shall see, their descriptions were reversed), so it is possible to analyze the source.
Millan also offers a thoughtful new presentation of 'Igitur', suggesting that, between 1870 and 1871, the project developed from a prose narrative to a theatrical piece; the fragments with which Marchal opens his 'Igitur' appear here at the end under the title 'Projet dramatique', and Millan wisely reorders the recto and verso of folio 25 (p.
This is suggested by the word inscribed in black chalk that appears on both recto and verso. While not entirely legible, it appears to be 'dietro', meaning 'behind', or 'drito' (usually spelled 'dritto'), one of whose meanings is 'on the right-hand side'.