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RECTORY, Eng. law. Corporeal real property, consisting of a church, glebe lands and tithes. 1 Chit. Pr. 163.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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At length, Edwards, after repeating his intention to do so for the third time, left the mansion-house to go to the rectory on a similar errand of friendship.
But she was at the Rectory now; there, perhaps, she would find something else than retribution.
RICHARDS CASTLE PS750,000 Set in 4.28 acres of landscaped garden and paddocks just outside the village of Richards Castle, Rectory Farm, Batchcott, is a beautifully presented four-bedroomed, four reception roomed family home with a range of outbuildings.
THIS summer has witnessed high visitor numbers for artistic exhibitions at The Pantry Gallery in Loughborough's Old Rectory Museum.
HOUSEHUNTERS looking to snap up their dream home in the English countryside may get more space for their money by buying an old rectory, research suggests.
RECTORY RANGERS are looking for a handful of wins to seal their ascent into the top tier.
Barnes worked for the Church of England and lived in a large rectory where a litany of famous names passed through, including poets who were drawn to his eccentric personality and creative gifts.
Mary, Star of the Sea Parish in Astoria need not pay property tax on its rectory.
Police recovered pornographic videos concealed in covers bearing the names of popes, several sex toys and videos showing orgies organized in his rectory on the San Lazzaro church premises, according to ( the Times.
LIVING at the Old Rectory in Llandough on the edge of Penarth would be the perfect excuse to enjoy some outdoor adventures as it's set in around 6.5 acres of woodland and lawns.
In an isolated spot on the banks of the Tal-y-Llyn lake, at the foot of the Cadair Idris mountain in Snowdonia, The Old Rectory on the Lake is a special property that has been popular with guests for the past 11 years.