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In this method, a polypropylene mesh is sutured onto the anterior rectus sheath.
Rectus sheath hematoma with low molecular weight heparin administration: a case series.
CT of the abdomen showed a large rectus sheath hematoma measuring 22 cm in the cranio-caudal dimension (Figure 2).
Rectus sheath hematoma though routinely benign, may present with severe complications such as hemorrhagic shock or obstructive anuria in occasional cases.
In the other three patients, the rectus sheath had retracted far laterally and only a skin cover was obtained after liberal undermining.
The rectus sheath block, first described in 1899, is simple to perform and has been used to provide analgesia for surgery involving midline incisions around the umbilicus (6).
The uterus is sutured in two layers, followed by the peritoneum, rectus sheath, fat and skin.
Each opening in the rectus sheath is closed without tension.
The anterior rectus sheath is exposed and subsequently incised parallel to the fascia approximately 2 cm.
Experimental and clinical studies have stressed that most of the tissue strength of the anterior abdominal wall relies upon the external rectus sheath rather than the internal rectus sheath and peritoneum [7,12,14].