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Clinical POR can be defined as the recurrence of symptoms leading to treatment changes or hospitalization after the exclusion of other causes such as bile salt diarrhea, bacterial overgrowth, and obstruction due to adhesions (3).
No study has proven that adjuvant chemotherapy is beneficial but usually it is the treating oncologist choice to treat with chemotherapy in case of invasive recurrences especially with presence of un-resectable disease.
4%) experienced recurrence at the surgical site, only 69 of the 590 patients (11.
The study compared the stricture recurrence rate among those who had only one treatment at study entry, those who had a repeated procedure for stricture recurrence at three months, and those who underwent a third treatment for recurrences at three and six months after initial treatment.
27) which showed that recurrences can be predicted at the time of initial episode by the number of risk factors, i.
Sapien Biosciences, a niche biotech venture backed by Apollo Hospitals, has entered into a collaboration with a Bangalore-based diagnostic start-up, OncoStem Diagnostics, for the development and validation of a novel Breast cancer recurrence prediction test.
Although well recognized as the major risk factor for Ischaemic strokes (IS) hypertension (HTN) has not been well considered as a risk factor for recurrence of ischaemic stroke.
The study confirmed that children with higher grades of reflux (III or IV at baseline) were more likely to have febrile or symptomatic recurrences, that children with bladder and bowel dysfunction (based on a modified Dysfunctional Voiding Symptom Score) also were more likely to have febrile or symptomatic recurrences, and that recurrences in children on prophylaxis were more likely to be resistant to trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole than were those in children on placebo.
Patients who have a recurrence at first check cystoscopy, are at a higher risk of further future recurrences as compared to those with no recurrence 9.
ORLANDO -- Age, race, and extent of disease treated appear to predict which patients will have a recurrence of Barrett's esophagus after apparently successful radiofrequency ablation, researchers reported at the annual Digestive Disease Week.