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Recurrent nerve palsy after thyroid operations: Principal nerve identification and the literature review.
This finding confirms the notion that by dispossessing and excluding the ISLN from the SES-affected area and also by delivering the current at the nearest place to the vocal cords and the recurrent nerve, SES cannot stimulate the vocal cords or the recurrent nerve.
Freissmuth, "Laryngeal Recurrent Nerve Injury in Surgery for Benign Thyroid Diseases: Effect of Nerve Dissection and Impact of Individual Surgeon in More than 27,000 Nerves at Risk," Annals of Surgery 235, no.
In case the recurrent nerve rate is high, one has to look for the causes.
Sclerosing therapy can be used as an alternative therapy by ethanol or tetracycline; however, it may be associated with many complications as neck pain, neurotoxicity and recurrent nerve palsy.
The fear of total thyroidectomy resulting in recurrent nerve damage and permanent hypoparathyroidism has been ablated by the recent studies that have shown comparably safe results of total thyroidectomy as compared to sub-total thyroidectomy.
21) Permanent injuries to the recurrent laryngeal nerve are best avoided by identifying and carefully tracing the path of the recurrent nerve.
The demand for obligatory intra-operative identification of recurrent nerve, therefore, remains unsettled.

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