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The air on a plane is drier than the Sahara and is all recycled air.
A paragraph begins, "One of the more common ways to do this involves mixing recycled air from the exhaust stream with fresh air drawn from outdoors." "Exhaust air" is an incorrect term; it should be "return air." Exhaust air is typically air that is removed from the building toilets, janitor closets, and other spaces required by building codes to be ventilated directly to the outdoors.
"Virtually all cleanroom air is recycled air, and you have a dozen or more solvents in the cleanroom at any time.
But if you can endure the cramped conditions, violence and whiff of stale armpits hanging in the store's recycled air - you're sure to get a bargain.
Michelle should take antioxidants (Biocare's Vitaflavan Plus, pounds 16.45; 0121-433 3727) to protect from free radical damage and boost her immune system against bugs spread by recycled air on planes.
The dry, recycled air can then increase the chance of people picking up airborne diseases, including tuberculosis.
There's no doubt that if someone's got a cold you will breathe it in because of the recycled air in the plane.
Heating and air-conditioning units, for example, usually work most efficiently when they are handling recycled air, not fresh air from outside the building.
Women had earlier been barred from submarines over concerns that carbon dioxide emissions in the recycled air could damage their fertility, and that prolonged presence of women on underwater missions could form disruptive relationships.
I don't like flying and when you panic they tell you to breathe deep but it's just fake recycled air."
Could he have passed out amid the recycled air as he read his comic, meaning that everything that happens is all in his head Jack's Adam, Kate's Eve AT one point, Jack muses that he and the rest of the survivors had been born again.