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Mark my words, it won't be long before Ryanair passengers are made to pay for the pleasure of breathing recycled air on their flights to Krakow and Malaga.
Sanyo's refrigerators have technology that cools recycled air inside the box," Li said.
This recycled air is not quite as dry as normal drying process air," explains Pete Stoughton, PET sales manager.
I don't like flying and when you panic they tell you to breathe deep but it's just fake recycled air.
They were used initially in filter media to clean the recycled air in the submerged sub.
The air on a plane is drier than the Sahara and is all recycled air.
Virtually all cleanroom air is recycled air, and you have a dozen or more solvents in the cleanroom at any time.
But if you can endure the cramped conditions, violence and whiff of stale armpits hanging in the store's recycled air - you're sure to get a bargain.
The dry, recycled air can then increase the chance of people picking up airborne diseases, including tuberculosis.
The easiest way to get tuberculosis is to breathe the recycled air in an aeroplane.