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He created The Visit Of The Witch in black chalk with highlights in 1858 and the later Sea Coal Gatherers in 1881 where he used red chalk to a delicate, more mature effect.
The 27 extant red chalk on tan prepared paper drawings by Caron (c.
There is something sensuous in the red chalk female nudes that one would never expect to find in Leonardo, whose women are made of smoke, or in Michelangelo, whose women are like men with appended breasts.
Dr King also pointed to a red chalk drawing, believed to depict Leonardo around 1515, sketched by one of his assistants.
Sketched in red chalk, Leonardo depicts the powerful horse on its hind legs, throwing back its head.
For what it's worth, I think the we'll see red chalk win the first three but I'll be saving with some of what I believe to be value bets.
1522) while we can delight in the red chalk Sleeping Man (c.
The bulk of Greuze's pieces are drawings, mostly red chalk on cream paper.
Ganz has donated an original red chalk drawing entitled Dancer With Attitude.
The male and female nude studies mostly done in red chalk, were very desirable particularly a drawing by Flaminio Torres (1621-1661) of seated youth seen from behind thus showing the shoulders and the crown of the head.
At the bottom right, in the passage of wilder drawing, even as Raphael's hand moved with different rhythms and pressures to discover forms in an inky vortex, he was recalling and adapting motifs from an earlier, more controlled study in red chalk over stylus showing fighting men.