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When it came time for my family to sell the Red Eye Brand Company, we looked long and hard for a strategic buyer who would build upon the foundation we have built over the years.
Tribune officials, confident that their readers can differentiate a Trib product--even a light and hip one-from pot pamphlets, say Red Eye Press is overreacting.
In Chicago, Red Eye will also speak with a distinctly local voice, O'Loughlin says.
Research conducted by Red Eye suggests that the actual number of visitors to a site could be twice the number of unique IP addresses.
Chevron Delo will also be sponsoring Red Eye Radio activities at the Great West Truck Show, Great American Trucking Show and the Walcott Truckers Jamboree.
It is humbling to see so many people support Red Eye in such a meaningful way," said Justin Mayo, Executive Director, Red Eye, Inc.
Alternative Investment Market-listed Zi Medical, whose non-executive directors include chairman of the WDA Roger Jones, is estimating sales of pounds 500,000 from Red Eye this year, increasing to pounds 1m next year.
Plus, the free new VISINE Red Eye Remover Application lets iPhone and iPod Touch users eliminate red eye from their photos in moments.
The tension dissipates once the airplane begins its descent, when Red Eye inexplicably contrives an overwrought final showdown straight out of Scream or one of Craven's other bloodthirsty slashers.
The St Asaph-based company has developed the innovative Red Eye system, which allows the rate of flow in an intravenous drip to be electronically controlled and monitored.
Taliera Texas Brands, LLC announced today that it has re-launched Red Eye Bloody Mary across the U.
The St Asaph business, which was only admitted to the Stock Exchange last summer, announced it was in talks over the future of its Red Eye intravenous drip product.