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The Red Eye Radio Million Mile Club honours truck drivers in the US and Canada with one million miles of accident-free driving.
The Red Eye from Red CCTV is a detector that makes a difference, the wide-angle camera records a 10 second video, this video is sent to the monitoring station where agents can watch in real time, eliminating uncertainty.
molybdinus, but differs from it by having numerous rough, white or grey tubercles on the snout, a more slender body (5 rows of scales between the lateral line and the dorsal fin), and a red eye.
3 Red eye affecting only one eye with blurred vision and pain in the eye.
In the last ten days, increased cases were reportedly recorded in Juba Teaching Hospital (JTH), with United Nations clinics (UNDP and UNMIS) also reporting red eye cases among its staff.
The literature supports several differential diagnoses for the clinical presentation of red eye (Farina, & Mazarin, 2006; Leibowitz, 2000; Porter, Kaplan, Homeier, & Beers, 2005; Shields, 2000; Wagner, 1997a, b; Wirbelauer, 2006).
Simply drag the Red Eye tool over the iris to correct the discoloration.
RED Eye takes a neat concept and wrings every drop of suspense from the battle of wits between hunter and prey.
Singer-songwriter Christopher Rees and pianist Dave Stapleton have set up Red Eye Music to compose tracks for films.
Other indications for emergent ophthalmic referral in a child with red eye include:
He said the company, which makes the Red Eye intravenous drip monitor, had needed to raise at least pounds 500,000 in order both to secure its future and maximise the commercial opportunities that had been identified.
Seems he thought Red Eye was pretty hip too-way back in 1988.