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Recorder Christopher Goodchild said: "That appears to trigger a red mist immediately on the part of the defendant.
Bell said: "Billy must have seen a bit of red mist today.
WHEN people talk about the red mist descending on you in the heat of battle, I know exactly what they mean.
Christopher O'Gorman defending said: "He saw the two young men and the red mist descended.
There are some people who, though they might be nice, when they go onto the rugby field they see the red mist and lose control.
However, Mark Powell found the target for the hosts to draw them level but moments later the red mist descended for Lewis and the striker was dismissed, with the Lilywhites forced to defend a point.
Mintz-Plasse, 23, played Chris D'Amico, the son of a mob boss, and D'Amico's superhero alter-ego, Red Mist, in 2010's "Kick-Ass," based on a comic-book series of the same name.
On TV and film everything feels safe and properly done whereas on stage you can find yourself alone with a battleaxe-wielding actor when the red mist descends over his eyes.
I think he probably saw red - the red mist - he lost his head a little.
Her latest novel, Red Mist - the 19th in the Kay Scarpetta series - sees her famous forensic pathologist heroine investigating the murder of her former deputy, and finds connections to a string of grisly killings.
United's Scouse striker Wayne Rooney will once again be the centre of attention for a fixture which rarely disappoints and often explodes with both teams capable of letting the red mist descend on the most bitter of rivalries.
WEATHERED NOT BEATEN Through red mist he blusters Raining blows.