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The base money, in contrast, influences the value of the liabilities only so far as redeemability (as, we presume, will be demanded of private intermediaries [see Selgin and White 1994]) disciplines issuers to maintain such a quantity of liabilities that the two values stay roughly on par.
15, 2001) (granting exemptions from various provisions of the ICA to authorize an ETF sponsor, among other things, "to issue shares of limited redeemability [and] permit secondary market transactions in the shares of the portfolios at negotiated prices on the national securities exchange").
As someone educated in an eclectic Christianity, Levertov believed in the redeemability of human kind through its works.
The redeemability of the note and the size of the discount applied by the bank depend upon the issuer's size, profitability, and reputation.
This ended redeemability in gold and enabled all bank notes of authorised banks to be declared legal tender -- immediately implemented because of WW1.
Contraposed to the punitive appeal of standard and race-conscious discretion, the petition declares the redeemability of white lawbreakers and the possibility of racial reform even when personal history and practical reason tilt to the contrary.
The second, 'Mengerian Perspectives on the Future of Money', is by George Selgin and Lawrence White, and the last, 'The Institutional Character of Electronic Money Schemes: Redeemability and the Unit of Account', is by Stefan Schmitz.
Except that I think that, in order to pursue the process of protest, one must indeed develop a sense of the redeemability of the other -- which is why one worships.
At some point, we may want to draw a line in this area to preserve the redeemability feature of these products," he said.
Her progress is a manifestation of the belief that 'souls may be spiritually improved by a change in social condition', a combination of the 'Evangelical belief in conversion, or rather in the redeemability of the soul' (Mason, p.
Often, the range of public redeemability is limited.
It manages, within the requirements of its formula, to be both entertaining and intelligent while offering a positive contemporary message about the redeemability of disadvantaged kids whose minds, with all their potential to enrich society, are going to waste and posing a threat.