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RICH HISTORY: Lewis''s Department store in Liverpool in 1924 CLOSURE: Staff at soon-to-close Lewis's face losing part of their redundancy pay, inset, David Lewis, the founder of the store
Outraged workers last night accused bosses of trying to fiddle them out of redundancy pay .
The value of redundancy pay has declined since its introduction in 1965, and is now capped at less than 60 per cent of average earnings.
If you receive redundancy pay, remember that the first pounds 30,000 is tax-free.
"There can be no assumption that the people who are losing their jobs will find it easy to get new ones and they will need all the help they can get with redundancy pay, retraining and personal advice.
The TUC wants to see redundancy pay calculated at the upper limit, not least because the statutory redundancy scheme has been steadily losing its value since its inception some 40 years ago.
You will be entitled to redundancy pay if you have at least two years of continuous service with your current employer.
Scapa's European boss Derek Sherwin, finance director David Entwistle and personnel officer Sandra Evans were only freed after they agreed to reopen talks on redundancy pay for the 68 staff they were axing.
M&S changed its original proposals after consultation with staff but has still reduced redundancy pay. An employee will now receive a maximum of 62 weeks' pay rather than the previous 70, although this is more than the original proposal of 52 weeks.
The Tower Colliery fairy tale has turned sour after allegations that a group of miners are being denied redundancy pay to which they feel morally entitled.
Workers from UK factories which closed in 2001 with the loss of hundreds of jobs were in the United States todayhoping to see a business executive to demand redundancy pay.
Redundancy pay and final pay has been calculated according to the salary scale in place at the time of insolvency, he explained.

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