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A spokesman for Tesco said terms of redundancy pay are subject to consultation with retail union Usdaw.
The agency workers, many of whom had served the council for up to a decade, were given 24 hours' notice and no redundancy pay
To cut redundancy pay so drastically when there is deep uncertainty over job security is a callous and disgraceful act.
Importantly, the changes to redundancy terms will be implemented in two phases so that those impacted in the next six months will still receive the current four weeks' redundancy pay for each year of service.
These include protection from unfair dismissal, obligations to collectively consult and redundancy pay.
They ruled that Mr Das should pay Mrs Davis pounds 1,778 in redundancy pay.
Up to 270,000 civil servants have begun a 48 hour strike in protest over redundancy pay.
Tony Woodley, joint leader of the Unite union, said: "Sacking an entire shift like this, and targeting agency workers who have no rights to redundancy pay, is blatant opportunism on BMW's part and nothing short of scandalous.
WorkChoices took away workers' right to redundancy pay and these proposed new modern awards only partially give back that right,' he said.
WOOLWORTHS staff in Jersey have launched a petition calling for compensation after being told they will not receive redundancy pay.
If it weren't bad enough that its 68,000 employees must wake up each morning wondering if today's the day it will be serving Scottish Lechmere Salmon & Lemon Mascarpone Terrine for the very last time, the company decides the time is right to announce a reduction in redundancy pay.
Also, case law has established that employees who volunteer for early retirement in a redundancy situation may be ineligible for redundancy pay.

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