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A tribunal spokesman said after the hearing that Mrs Davis would be entitled to take county court action to obtain the redundancy pay if she had not received the award within 42 days.
If M&S is to achieve redundancy pay changes it will be altering each and every employee's terms and conditions in a detrimental way.
If you are made redundant, there is no need for you to put in a claim for redundancy pay as it is your employer's responsibility to calculate it and make payment.
Statutory redundancy pay is based on your age, salary and length of service, as follows:
Will your employer agree to vary your compensation package to suit your personal needs, for instance trading some redundancy pay for enhanced pension terms or giving you the opportunity to buy your company car at below market rates?
n I'M afraid you are not entitled to redundancy pay because you were only employed for 11 months.
Increasing the amount statutory limit of redundancy pay from Au250 per week to Au400 by linking payments to average earnings instead of inflation.
In some cases, we have processed claims for redundancy pay and holiday pay before we deal with the arrears of pay.
Redundancy pay (including any severance pay) under PS30,000 isn't taxable.
Administration of the redundancy This information is also important to obtain any entitlement to redundancy pay in the future.
The Norwich-based insurance group also announced that from next year, redundancy pay in the UK will be halved from four weeks per year of service to two.
The dispute centred on who was liable for redundancy pay - the new "free school", or Sefton council.

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