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REEVE. The name of an ancient English officer of justice, inferior in rank to an alderman.
     2. He was a ministerial officer, appointed to execute process, keep the king's peace, and put the laws in execution. He witnessed all contracts and bargains; brought offenders to justice, and delivered them to punishment; took bail for such as were to appear at the county court, and presided at the court or folcmote[?]. He was also called gerefa.
     3. There were several kinds of reeves as the shire-gerefa, shire-reeve or sheriff; the heh-gerefa, or high-sheriff, tithing-reeve, burgh or borough-reeve.

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As a second-generation avionics tech, Reeve knew his career path from an early age.
Locked in our little multimedia studio, this wild bunch was often on the edge of taking the conversation right over a cliff, but Reeve (usually) managed to keep things on track (well, somewhat).
But jobless Reeve, of Hyde, Gtr Manchester, who claimed he broke both legs in active service, was caught out when real Paras spotted a picture of him wearing a makeshift uniform at Godley Primary in Hyde in a local newspaper.
He said: "This is a serious case and we have found a number of aggravating circumstances in our findings as to the nature of the relationship between Ms Reeve and Pupil A.
According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Ken Reeves, who spoke before real estate and property management professionals at the BOMA/ NY May luncheon meeting, all indicators point to a strong possibility that this year, a storm of a Category 3 magnitude could make landfall near New York City.
She served as chairwoman of the Christopher Reeve Foundation and founded the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center.
Reeve succeeded her husband as chairman of the foundation, which funded research into spinal-cord paralysis.
Reeve had succeeded her husband as chair of the foundation, which funded research into spinal-cord paralysis cures, following the actor's death in 2004.
Reeve fell into a coma on Saturday after going into cardiac arrest while at his New York home and died on Sunday, his publicist Wesley Combs said.
I am looking forward to visiting Israel to learn more about their cutting edge paralysis research," Reeve said.
THE simmering row between Dermot Reeve and Brian Lara shows no sign of ending.
Actress Dana Reeve, the widow of former Superman actor Christopher Reeve, has died at the age of 44.