REFALO. A word composed of the three initial syllables re. fa. lo., for recordari facias loquelam. (q.v.) 2 Sell. Pr 160; 8 Dowl. R. 514.

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The Minister for Gozo Dr Anton Refalo has formally announced that maintenance works would be launched in the housing Tac-Cawla housing estate in May 2014 and should reach completion in the summer.
Refalo said that among other maintenance work on the roofs will be concreting, the installation of new membranes and the installation of allied water and electricity services.
The initiative, "Creating the Malta Story", is led by Dr Michael Refalo, Malta's former Minister for Tourism, Culture and the Arts and member of the UN World Tourism Organisation Strategic Committee.
Refalo, "An Options-Based Analysis of Emerging Market Exchange Rate Expectations: Brazil's Real Plan, 1994-7," NBER Working Paper No.
Tourist Giancarlo Refalo, from Malta, said: "I thought the driver was trying to get out of the way of police.