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K-State Libraries needed to find a way to make electronic reference books more accessible and visible to patrons.
The great and the good appear in Debrett's People of Today 2005, a reference book published by the self-proclaimed authority on Britain's aristocracy and all matters of etiquette.
The reference book, which was first published 18 years ago, lists between 25,000 and 32,000 of what it sees as Britain's top achievers - 0.
Once, someone very unkindly suggested that my own highly distinguished alma mater in England was chiefly proficient at sending its students out into the world with a totally unjustifiable arrogance and a certain proficiency at handling reference books and simple research material.
com's secure, sneak- previewing technology allows users to open electronic reference books and preview pages before purchase in order to make a more informed buying decision.
The extra room also will let library staffers pull out of storage older volumes of annual reference books, like Jane's All the World Aircraft.
A wise selection of reference books, in Spofford's opinion, was the foremost facilitator in accommodating the reader's needs.
And believe me, after eight years of editing a scholarly journal, I can tell you that critics don't use reference books nearly enough - to verify names, spelling, dates, etc.
A desktop reference guide: The Social Investment Almanac: A Comprehensive Guide to Socially Responsible Investing is available from Henry Holt Reference Books in New York.
It is difficult to convince most dealers of the fact, but in my opinion, if a dealer handles a substantial volume of used guns and he does not have on hand $1,000 worth of firearms reference books, he is making a mistake.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Gilbert Guide, a leading provider of comprehensive regional senior care reference books and online resources, today announced the launch of Gilbert Guide Online, a new Web-based subscription service.

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