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Using the Lagrangian and Eulerian reference frames as a model, this
We showed in our paper that older adults do not use an 'action centered' reference frame.
The machine equations of non-sinusoidal waveforms are in a d-q stator reference frame.
A special set of transformations has to be applied in order to convert a vehicle's forces from body fixed reference frame to an inertial frame where integration of states takes place.
For a specific camera in a surveillance system, a video stream has one reference frame because each stream refers to one specific scene.
Roger Penrose, Kip Thorne, and Stephen Hawking as young researchers visited Zelmanov in Sternberg Astronomical Institute (Moscow), and listened to his presentations about physical reference frames and observable quantities at his seminar.
Our goal is to transform the three-phase stationary reference frame (as-bs-cs) variables into two-phase stationary reference frame ([d.
where [delta] is a model parameter and w is a weighting factor that depends on the number of reference frames.
Features include a Project Manager interface that guides users through the model development process; a Model Development Guide, which is a step-by-step guide to creating new models and generating the model equations, an Equation Builder Assistant that walks users through the process of converting the model description to kinematic and dynamic equations that describe the motion of the system; and the ability to select the base coordinate system to which the other system reference frames are mapped, even if users are not familiar with graph theory.
This background material forms the basis for understanding relativistic reference frames, the celestial mechanics of N-body systems, and high-precision astrometry, navigation, and geodesy, which are then treated in the following five chapters.
In addition we have replaced the line charge variations in different reference frames due to the Lorentz-Fitzgerald length contraction used in [1] by defining pairs of moving current electrons and their nearest neighbor immobile protons to calculate the effects on the charge Q.

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