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Blewitt, G.: 2003, Self-consistency in reference frames, geocenter definition, and surface loading of the solid Earth.
(1) The Earth-centered frame (ECI) [mathematical expression not reproducible] is a Cartesian inertial reference frame defined as follows.
But, these kinematics are impossible to analyze on the subject of time irreversibility (that is on existence the formal possibility of returning to the own past), using the results of the paper [4], because in [4] complete, multidimensional superluminal reference frames are missing.
The similarity between the reference frame '[F.sub.i]' and the proceeding frames '[F.sub.j]' is objectively measured using SSIM as a statistical similarity index.
Using the Lagrangian and Eulerian reference frames as a model, this
M and N are the width and height of the current macroblock, respectively; x and y is the coordinate of the current macroblock; s = s[x, y] is the actual value; r is the predicted value which is depend on ref and m; ref is the value of the reference frame; m = [[m.sub.x], my] is the coordinate of the current MV; [m.sub.x] and my are the motion components in horizontal and vertical, respectively.
In fact these new transformations must be used to define a chaotic space-time: they are no more linear and homogeneous and they change hypothetical-inertial in non-inertial reference frames. As it could be derived directly from the uncertainty on [DELTA][u], it is no more possible to distinguish between inertial and non-inertial reference frames.
Both projections [[PHI].sub.cor x] and [[PHI].sub.cor y] coincide in the noninertial reference frames B and F.
Finally, the decoder should check whether reference frames are available.
When tested on a series of simple tasks involving hand movements, young people in this study adopted an attentional reference frame centered on the hand, while older study participants adopted a reference frame centered on the body.
2) five reference frames, IPPP sequence type, CAVLC;

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