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Like past editions, this detailed reference text should be a valuable addition to the book collections of most practicing laboratorians, particularly pathologists, clinical laboratory scientists, laboratory directors, managers, and supervisory personnel.
The navigation bar also displays direct links to other features such as Advanced Search, IDRAC Explanatory Texts, Reference Texts, New Texts, Topic Map, and Preferences.
Key resources are Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, the AccessLANGE suite of 20 basic science and clinical reference texts, The Metabolic and Molecular Bases of Inherited Disease, Hurst's The Heart, and the Current-Med references including Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment.
Courier Corporation, headquartered in Lowell, is a leading producer of books, Bibles and reference texts, directories, technical manuals and software documentation.
com), a leader in hand-held software solutions for the medical community, have announced a partnership to create and market handheld versions of LWW's best-selling medical reference texts on a full range of handheld platforms.
is a leading manufacturer of books, Bibles, reference texts, directories, software documentation and technical manuals.
The American Payroll Association acts as the voice of the industry by lobbying and advising the federal government on payroll issues; training over 17,000 industry professionals annually through 300 workshops and seminars conducted across the nation and through training at the Payroll Learning Center; and publishing a complete library of reference texts.
Courier Corporation, headquartered in Lowell, is an international producer of books, Bibles, reference texts, directories, software documentation and technical manuals.
With assets including more than 300 periodicals and the leading reference texts in both clinical and education areas of medicine, LWW will gain increased flexibility in the delivery of its content to health professionals and students from this alliance.
Two eminent reference texts, dictionary and illustrations all on one CD-ROM
BOOKMAN represents the culmination of eight years of research and development at Franklin to produce an electronic book that offers consumers a mobile library of reference texts in one affordable BOOKMAN platform.