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Independent of node bus structure and operating system, and available in VMEbus, PCI, PCI Express[TM] and PMC form factors - allowing dissimilar buses to be connected in a single network - Reflective Memory allows every computer on a network to receive a copy of every other computer's memory in microseconds.
Adding the GE Reflective Memory to our NI VeriStand platform will help us deliver the network performance and reliability that those customers demand.
In environments where determinism, simplicity of implementation, zero software overhead and operating system independence are significant factors, reflective memory provides a unique solution," said Wayne McGee, Leader, Commercial Product Management at GE Intelligent Platforms.
Dolphin's reflective memory solution attacks this problem with a high-performance switched network, enabling a hardware-based data broadcast approach.
Central to the solution proposed by GE Fanuc is a technology known as Reflective Memory, a ring-based, high speed replicated shared memory network in which data is written to a Reflective Memory address on the local host.
The Aero ST also features such state-of-the-art hardware features as reflective memory, a local shutdown recorder using flash memory, an integrated chassis architecture, and powerful digital signal processing to deliver the highest resolution in the industry.
Mittal Steel - Reflective memory connection to level two computer systems used as a gateway for operational information.
Shared Memory blocks that allow the user to configure shared memory and reflective memory devices, in order to read and write data between specialized I/O devices
By leveraging advanced reflective memory technologies from the GE Fanuc Embedded Systems Business, Proficy Process Systems provides a controller redundancy solution with data synchronization rates of 2 gigabits per second.