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Additionally, it facilitates testing laboratories in scheduling reflex tests or follow on tests with the objective of offering quality care to patients.
The blink reflex test does not show abnormalities in a large group of patients with chronic migraine.
11) The HER2 probe used in the reflex test (Agilent Technologies) was dimmer and smaller (191 kb versus 218 kb) compared with the FDA-approved test (Dako IQFISH).
Menace and palpebral reflex tests proves positive results for both the test.
Simply completing a red reflex test in the early stages of this journey would have detected an abnormality and listening to Katy's worries at each stage should have raised concerns.
Percentage of negative response to proboscis extension reflex test (PER) and learning in control, fipronil and imidacloprid treatments for A.
The gag reflex test measures the activity of the glossopharyngeal nerve (cranial nerve IX) rather than the superior laryngeal branch of the vagus nerve (cranial nerve X), which innervates the hypopharynx and larynx.
Coma patients who require ventilators to breathe can be declared dead long before their hearts stop beating on the basis of simple, low-tech exams--a Q-tip touched to the surface of the eye, a splash of ice water in the ears, a gag reflex test.
Women 21-29 years of age--obtain annual smears with HPV reflex test if result indicates ASCUS until the age of 30.
Between each sampling time, fish were placed back into a tank with sea water and recaptured for the next reflex test.
A nitric oxide synthesis inhibitor administered into the medial preoptic area increases seminal emissions in an ex copula reflex test.