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The exhibition will be open from 4pm and reformation music will be performed at 6.
This may be explained by the overall shape of this volume, and the choice of authors, but given the oft-made claim that the Reformation was a global event, it might have been worth giving greater consideration to the relationship between the Reformation and civil society outside Germany.
Andrew Pettegree, a leading authority on printing during the era, recently published Brand Luther: 1517, Printing and the Making of the Reformation (2015), illuminating a critical factor in Luther's success.
Sixteenth-century Strasbourg was an ideal place for Reformation ideas to take hold.
Devised by city guide and former city council leader Tony Flynn, the route visits religious buildings and sites, including friaries, parish churches and cathedrals and explores the political, economic and religious implications of the Reformation in Newcastle.
Too rarely do studies of the early Reformation return to the archives, but Moger's work does, giving his study a rare depth of context.
More actively engaged Reformation proselytizers appeared to create novels about the pre-Protestant life of John Wycliffe and the Lollards (1328-1384).
The Reformation was rediscovered as a singing movement and many congregations up and down the country played an active part.
Robert Whiting's The Reformation of the English Parish Church can be considered a postrevisionist response to Duffy.
The field of Reformation Studies has been greatly enriched over the past couple years by the efforts of some of its leading scholars to produce new works of synthetic interpretation, four of which are under review in this essay.
With the change of the North American-ased managing editors of the journal Archive for Reformation History (in German, Archiv fur Rejormationsgeschichte), the two outgoing editors and Heinz Schilling have produced a fitting publication as volume 100 in the journal's book publications.
But last night, historians slammed the blunder as the Reformation happened a year later in 1560 - with this year marking the 450th anniversary.