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REFORM. To reorganize; to rearrange as, the jury "shall be reformed by putting to and taking out of the persons so impanelled." Stat. 3 H. VIII. c. 12; Bac. Ab. Juries, A.
     2. To reform an instrument in equity, is to make a decree that a deed or other agreement shall be made or construed as it was originally intended by the parties, when an error or mistake as to a fact has been committed. A contract has been reformed, although the party applying to the court was in the legal profession, and he himself drew the contract, it appearing clear that it was framed so as to admit of a construction inconsistent with the true agreement of the parties. 1 Sim. & Stu. 210; 3 Russ. R. 424. But a contract will not be reformed in consequence of an error of law. 1 Russ. & M. 418; 1 Chit. Pr. 124.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Just like some Reformed theologians, representatives of this Lutheran Dutch School tried to overcome the Lutheran-Reformed separation.
In 1956 a consensus about the doctrine on the Lord's Supper with the Dutch Reformed Church was accepted, which made intercommunion possible between the Lutherans and the Reformed.
Short workshops that focused on applying education/training to the Estonian situation/problem with the aim of drafting/devising reformed practices, documents, and procedures where relevant.
The project would produce, in the end, a draft Estonian Defense Planning Manual that would document the reformed system and contain key planning documents and would be widely distributed.
In 1817, the Church of the Prussian Union, bringing together Lutheran and Reformed, was created.
(25) In a second wave of clerical intervention later in the fifteenth century, Jean Eustache, abbot of the Cistercian house of Le Jardinet, reformed a number of additional convents, including l'Olive, Be aupre, and Wauthier-Braine.
Because they did not see the state as impotent in relation to society, let alone as a passive reflection of a socio-economic base, they often suggested that a reformed state could act as an instrument with which to transform civil society.
Both envisage two possible ways of beginning to remedy the global imbalances: either the United States unilaterally pressures and demands that its trading partners adopt pro-growth, market-based, anti-protectionist domestic economic policies, or the United States and its trading partners work jointly, with help from the reformed IMF, to promote these same policies.
This had consequences for the inherited tradition of the Western church as regards ecclesiastical art forms, much of which was deemed in the Reformed tradition to be in flagrant breach of the second commandment.
Two ideas present themselves which might together raise enough money to pay for a reformed system (but remember that this is a substitute for what the country now pays in insurance premiums, not an additional financial burden): A well-implemented national value-added tax on consumption--championed in theory by people as diverse as Sam Nunn and Jerry Brown--could bring in enough to help avoid the subsidy trap.
The bad news is that international scholarship on the Calvinist elect remains as fragmented and disconnected as the various Reformed churches of four centuries ago.
Every high school and middle school teacher had agreed to counsel 20 pupils and get involved with their parents--a plan to ensure that in reformed Rochester no child would slip quietly between the cracks.

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