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The World Communion of Reformed Churches had been based in Geneva for 60 years when it decided to look for new headquarters.
As the years passed, ministers with experience of Geneva were able to eliminate many features of French Reformed church polity that had no counterpart in Geneva, but even in 1572 the French Reformed churches functioned differently from those of Geneva and its surrounding countryside in ways both great and small.
Bishop Bartha put great emphasis on getting theologians of other Reformed churches involved.
Bauswein, former director of the John Knox International Reformed Centre (John Knox Centre) in Geneva, Switzerland, and Lukas Vischer, professor emeritus of ecumenical theology at the Evangelical Reformed Theological Faculty in Berne, Switzerland, now retired after many years of involvement with the WCC and the World Alliance of Reformed Churches (WARC).
See John Quick, Synodicon in Gallia Reformata: Or the Acts, Decisions, Decrees, and Canons of Those Famous National Councils of the Reformed Churches in France, vol.
Although Calvin's theology was obviously fundamental throughout the Reformed tradition, the experiences of Geneva were never normative for Reformed churches elsewhere in Europe.
12] In 1936, the General Synod of the Reformed Churches also decided that the straying of National Socialists had to be fought from the pulpit.
From our perspective this is to be applauded as it is a step toward greater visible unity among Reformed churches," Rev.
3) According to his view it stands in the center between the Roman Catholic and the Reformed churches.
has achieved in recent years is with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in concert with two other Reformed churches.
Guder, Donald McKim, eds, Historical Dictionary of Reformed Churches, Lanham, MD and London, Scarecrow, 1999, 507pp.
ENS--In the wake of a Vatican document that argued the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church, Pope John Paul told participants in a meeting with representatives of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches that the commitment to ecumenical dialogue is "irrevocable.

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