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REFUSAL. The act of declining to receive or to do something.
     2. A grantee may refuse a title, vide Assent; one appointed executor may refuse to act as such. la some cases, a neglect to perform a duty which the party is required by law or his agreement to do, will amount to a refusal.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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[3] These rights are involved when an ambulance is on-scene with a patient and the patient decides to forego any or all treatment and/or transportation (hereafter inclusively referred to as refusal or refusal of transport).
Mohammed Ajhad Ali (16.03.62), Swaledale Gardens, High Heaton, Newcastle- Fare Refusal. Fine PS200, Costs PS450, Victim surcharge PS20.
Locally, the refusal rate varies, Eugene officer Ryan Stone said, but "is generally higher amongst repeat DUII offenders."
However, the list of European grounds for refusal includes "reasonable doubts as to the applicant's intention to leave the territory of the member state before the expiry of the visa applied for".
"The gas flow is common, a very large quantity of gas enters from several points, but in any case the situation at hand, from what I gather from the press release, involves a refusal of Ukraine to buy Russian gas, not a refusal to carry Russian gas," he added.
Refusal functions as a response to an initiating act and is considered to be a speech act in which "a speaker fails to engage in an action proposed by the interlocutor" (Chen, Ye, & Zhang, 1995, p.
But an appeal against the refusal of consent for a takeaway at shop premises at 296 Birchington Avenue, Eston, was successful.
24 (2002), in finding that no mandatory penalty arose in Massachusetts from a prisoner's refusal to participate in treatment.
Alon said that, 'My refusal to serve in the Israeli military, in addition to being a refusal to take part in occupation and apartheid, is an act of solidarity with our Palestinian friends living under Israeli regime, and struggle for liberty, justice and equality.'
The FA say the refusal to shake hands is not a disciplinary issue, while Dowd has reported that he dealt with Evra at the time and that the tunnel incident was not serious enough to warrant any further action.
Manchester City has suspended Tevez for two weeks while the club probes his refusal to play against Bayern Munich in Champions League.
Although we have the free will to refuse any form of request, offer, invitation or suggestion, we usually try not to impose our refusal on them: We normally negotiate with them and suggest options to them for consideration.