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Regenerative medicine is revolutionizing this by engineering, growing and regenerating tissues and organs with biological processes similar to those normally used in humans.
This research study provides an overview of the regenerative medicine industry and an insight on successful stem cell therapy treatments.
The global regenerative medicine market is segmented based on technologies into small molecules and biologics, gene therapy and cell therapy.
Astellas announced in May last year that it would expand the effort in the regenerative medicine and would make full-fledged effort in the cell therapy in addition to the discovery research and development of conventional pharmaceuticals for regenerative medicine that it had been working on.
The aim of the enquiry is to assess the UK's position and preparedness for the possible health benefits regenerative medicine could provide.
The delivery of regenerative medicines and their impact on healthcare.
Regenerative medicine has been enthusiastically received as it promises to make further interventions redundant.
By expanding the investment in the company, Olympus aims to accelerate the commercialization of regenerative medicine treatments based on adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells.
The idea is to generate an understanding in the field of regenerative medicine with the intention of discovering therapies for repair of damaged tissue.
Jane Andrews, Senior Consultant, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Frost & Sullivan, regenerative medicine has the potential to cure diseases like we have never seen before.