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REGENT. 1. A ruler, a governor. The term is usually applied to one who governs a regency, or rules in the place of another.
     2. In the canon law, it signifies a master or professor of a college. Dict. du Dr. Call. h.t. 3. It sometimes means simply a ruler, director, or superintendent; as, in New York, where the board who have the superintendence of all the colleges, academies and schools, are called the regents of the University of the state of New York.

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For a short time after the charter of the regents was received, the trustees of this institution employed a graduate of one of the Eastern colleges to instruct such youth as aspired to knowledge within the walls of the edifice which we have described.
The doom of the Regent and Council shows singularly the total interruption of justice at this calamitous period, even in the most clamant cases of oppression.
Instantly the trapdoor at the top flew up, something was screamed to the driver, and the cab flew madly off down Regent Street.
We had been sauntering slowly down Regent Street during this conversation, and Dr.
It may not be for me to say that I have been called, for some years now, Gentleman Turveydrop, or that his Royal Highness the Prince Regent did me the honour to inquire, on my removing my hat as he drove out of the Pavilion at Brighton (that fine building), 'Who is he?
He looked at the shops in Regent Street and picked out the articles he could buy for the money.
The god of the moon is represented, in the Hindoo mythology, as a four-armed deity, seated on an antelope; and one of his titles is the regent of the night.
There were no specific orders to follow this year when Ron Hammonds was appointed to the Texas Tech University System Board of Regents.
com)-- Long Island Regents Prep, which offers Regents and Advanced Placement review classes in all major subjects, has announced its 2013 course schedule.
THE University of California Regents must have a sick sense of humor.
The UGA Board of Regents agreed in midsummer that the University of Georgia Foundation could remain affiliated with the university.
3(b) of the Rules of the Board of Regents was specifically amended to address and clarify the conditions under which a licensed architect or engineer may delegate the performance of design services to another licensed architect or engineer through an unlicensed third-party, such as a contractor or subcontractor.

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