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I've made stocks out of all three species, but would prefer not to use Claro again because it can be kind of mushy, not taking inletting or, especially, checkering as well as regia or nigra.
regia and its constituents was tested against a panel of nine bacterial strains which include four standard laboratory isolates obtained from Microbial Type Culture Collection (Chandigarh, India): Bacillus subtilis MTCC-441, Staphylococcus epidermidis MTCC-435, P.
Although impressive in numbers, the Regia Aeronautica in AOI under the command of General Pietro Pinna was not prepared for modern warfare.
The father of two - Shelley, 20, and Samantha, 33 - won his brief encounter with the coveted trophy thanks to an Echo competition and Regia, a finance worker, who entered the readers' contest on his behalf.
regia is the most widely marketed walnut type in the United States.
Before Chocolat Frey committed to using the MeadWestvaco paperboard, they conducted trial marketing with REGIA HighPack.
But, announcing a Euro 6 million loan to water utility Regia Autonoma Apa-Canal, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), said: "The loan is a strong signal of the EBRD's growing confidence in the strength of some of Romania's local authorities".
His Via regia (1682) reflects some interest in Platonism, but his central goal of inventing a universal art that would enable the reader to master any science derived from Raymundus Lullus.
Royal Navy Sea Gladiators saw considerable action over Malta and Africa against Italy's Regia Aeronautica.
Newman's other ride was on Royal Ascot, who stayed on strongly to finish a short head and three-quarters of a length behind Oba Dove and Victoria Regia in the United Insurance Barbados Derby.
People may be prone to fall down the silly joke inverted Scala Regia staircase which is too wide and without a central handrail as required by the Building Regulations.
Chlorophora excelsa is found almost everywhere across the width of tropical Africa, while Chlorophora regia, shorter in height and less hardy in prolonged dry conditions, is found in West Africa, from Gambia to Ghana.