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REGICIDE. The killing of a king, and, by extension, of a queen. Theorie des Lois Criminelles, vol. 1, p. 300.

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A tweet sent from the police's twitter account stated: "We have received numerous reports of comments made by a Twitter account regarding regicide.
There was nothing to indicate it was a tongue in cheek comment & you deserve the full force of the law for advocating regicide," Richard Northey wrote.
Written 10 months after the regicide and four days before Bresci's alleged suicide, the letter was intercepted by the secret police in France and sent to Italian authorities.
The poet has been labeled a regicide and considered a prominent, dangerous political figure as long as he lives.
Perhaps they realise the irony in religiously honouring a murderer and regicide.
Characters from Riddle of Regicide are now available in minifigure scale on BrickWarriors' website.
I have tried to visit Britain on the eve of every general election since the end of the Thatcher era (by Tory regicide, not the ballot box) in November 1990 in search of insights to help me trade sterling, gilts and UK equities.
They are styled as mute, comfy-mushroom-shoe clad char-women, midwives, a practical army of females who do all the real work while La Lady flounces around plotting regicide.
of Wisconsin-Madison) argues that England survived, healed, and prospered during the 17th and 18th centuries despite civil war, regicide, and multiple dynastic changes, by a process analogous to evolution.
When King Louis XVI went to the guillotine after the French Revolution, Parisians jostled to acquire a gruesome relic of regicide by dipping garments in his blood.
From there, the article reads the final act of the play between the king and the duke's mother alongside and against the various political discourses about regicide that circulated in the late 1580s.
You play the titular "hero" Witcher, a mutated monster hunter afflicted by amnesia who is desperately trying to clear his name after being framed for regicide.