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REGIDOR. Laws of the Spanish empire of the Indies. One of a body, never exceeding twelve, who formed a part of the ayuntamiento or municipal council in every capital of a jurisdiction. The office of regidor was held for life, that is to say, during the pleasure of the supreme authority. In most places the office was purchased; in some cities, however, they were elected by persons of the district, called capitulares. 12 Pet. R. 442, note.

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Playing team manager Rey Perez and playing coach Dong Bernal called for a timeout that proved effective as shooters Padin, Mariano and Regidor scored steadily to give Will & Zein a 106-98 victory in the decider.
There has been plenty of evidence of socio-economic differences in health and social outcomes since the mid-nineteenth century (Dew and Kirkman 2002, Graham 2000, Regidor 2004).
com)-- Jonathan Regidor is determined to change the Internet Marketing industry for the better.
Vanessa Godfrey, RN, BScN, MScN, Sharla Adams, RN, BScN, MScN(c), Elizabeth Gordon, RN, RN BEd in Adult Education, BN, Marina Bitton, RN, CNCC(C), BScN, MN, Jo-Ann Correa, RN, BScN, MN, CNCC(C), Denise Williams, BScN, MN, CNeph(C), Regidor Taruc, RN, and Karen Johnson, RN, BHSc, BScN(E/CC), ENC(C), Toronto, ON
In the Prologue to La Praxispor la Vida, the Spaniard Jose Ramos Regidor argues that what is needed today is "to invent a new language, a new culture that is able to see the connection between the social question (the survival of the peoples) and the environmental question (the conservation of the biosphere)".
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Patrick Iber would like to thank Kelly Austin for her role in making this interview possible and Carlos Bravo Regidor for his assistance with translation.
com; or Caroline Regidor, Sydney, of Colonial First State Global Asset Management, 02 9303 7008, cregidor@colonialfirststate.
A pesar de ser el regidor de una "politica fina y trascendente", Trujillo lo destruyo por estar con una de sus queridas.
Properties within the chain already operating include the four-bedroom Hostal Meson del Regidor in Trinidad, and the seven-bedroom Hostal Palacio Azul in Cienfuegos.
Furthermore, Francisco's father, Melchor, had been appointed regidor, or alderman, of the town council of Belvis because he was regarded with esteem and respect in the community.